We are Asante Pro-Agro

This division plans to produce agricultural products for business on a large and profitable scale. At full production, we will be producing beef, chicken, eggs, pork, mutton, chevon (goat meat), crops and vegetables. For us to get to a point where we will be at full production, we will need to acquire a very large piece of land, probably in the form of multiple farms. The steps that need to be followed when undertaking the journey that we will on for the coming years are; Acquiring land, consulting with the relevant people within the field, constructing and purchasing structures and infrastructure, establishing the production plan, identifying markets, identifying resource and stock suppliers, acquiring stock, initiating production.

We are going to start with producing beef in an intensive production system (Feedlot) before we expand to other forms of production.

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Asante Accepts The Responsibility Of Overseeing And Managing Operations In Partnership With The Land Owners And Communities Ensuring That True Transformation Is Achieved Through Commercial Skills Transfer To The Emerging Farmers.


We aim to please and feed the nation by maximizing livestock performance and production efficiency whilst adhering to environmental impact, health and safety and animal welfare legislature.


Our projects, when they commence, will include supplying abattoirs, butcheries (including our own), retail shops, restaurants and catering companies as well as supplying Bima concepts with live cattle and chicken.